Top 5 Salt Juice Vape Devices

As someone who has managed multiple smoke shops, I have tried countless sub-ohm and salt devices. I have switched over to purely salt devices so I figured I would give my two-cents to those who are searching for a new refillable device!

***Honorable Mention*** Smok Trinity Alpha

This beauty didn’t make the list simply because it is too new for me to give a real review on in terms of durability. Smok completely changed its usual design for the Trinity Alpha. I have had the pleasure of using this one for about a week and loved it. The vapor that comes out is fluffy and flavorable and no matter what juice I used, it never felt harsh. It also comes with a lanyard you can attach which is a life savor if you lose everything, like I do. I am excited to see how it holds up with time!

5. Suorin Edge

The Edge is one of Suorin’s newer devices, and their sleekest in my opinion. Something that sets the Edge apart from most other devices is the fact that it comes with two batteries (no pods though, so be prepared to buy a couple) so you always have a backup when your first battery drains on-the-go. From my experience with this device, it hits beautifully and has very nice flavor. The only downside that I came across was that the pods burned a little faster than my other devices. Overall though, great quality and design.

4. Smok Novo

Aw yes, my first salt device. The Novo and I have some fond memories. It is a smaller device that fits well in the hand. Don’t expect it to blow massive clouds, but don’t underestimate it either because it will surprise you. The Novo would be a lower number on my list, because it was amazing, if it hadn’t started auto-firing. My best guess is leaky pods fried it.  Before these issues started though, it was a wonderful device.

3. Aspire Breeze 2

Aspire is one of the OG companies for vaping devices and they are still kicking for a reason. Aspire devices have always done me well because they are user friendly and durable, and the Breeze 2 is no exception. With its 1000 mAh battery (an increase from the original Breeze) it will last you all day no problem with some nice clouds. Oddly enough, my favorite part of this device is the mouthpiece because it is surprisingly comfortable in the mouth, despite the weird shape. Definitely a worthy contender on this list.

2. Smok Nord

For the runner-up position, we have the Nord. The Nord holds a special place in my heart and it hurts my soul a tad bit to put it as my #2. The Nord is the big brother to the Novo in design (it is basically a beefed up Novo with a button) but has so much more power.  When I say more power, i mean that this thing can make clouds on clouds on clouds. The Nord is different from most salt devices because it comes with two types of coils- a 0.6Ω mesh for sub-ohm vaping, and a 1.4Ω for salt juice. So while most people use it for salt, it can be used for lower (non-salt) nicotine juices as well. It feels very nice in the hand and has phenomenal flavor. I could go on and on, but this baby was definitely my favorite before I got a Zero.

1.  Renova Zero

And finally, for the winner of THE BEST VAPE IN EXISTENCE we have The Renova Zero! This little guy comes with three power modes and heavy power. The hit feels like a more concentrated puff of flavor and nicotine, it is beautiful. The Zero also has a smart sensor in it that keeps you from taking those awful dry hits. My absolute favorite thing about it is the pod design though, it is a push-to-fill  system that is made to be just about leak-free! Almost all of my salt vapes have met their demise because juice leaks from the pod into the device and kills it, but with these pods that isn’t an issue! It has been a huge life savor for me, and you will not be disappointed!

What vape are you currently puffing on? Let me know in the comments!

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