Setting a Goal & Making a Plan

Why, hello there!

Sorry for the short break, my laptop and phone decided to both retire on the same night. It has been a struggle, for sure. During this short break I have basically been thinking my thoughts in blog post format, so suffice to say I am very excited to be back in business.

During this time, I have decided to get serious and make a plan. I have been nervous to jump into writing, but it is time. Every day I will be working on blog posts, articles for submission, or just pieces to strengthen my portfolio.  I will be posting on here at least twice a week, so lucky you! You get to hear from me a lot more! I am very excited to continue on this journey and shed all of my doubts and insecurities.

By July 15th my goals are:

  • To have written 3 more blog posts
  • To complete 2 more stories or full-length articles for my portfolio,
  • To get at least one more paying client (whether that be for writing or editing)

I believe it is immensely helpful to publicly state your goals to help push you to complete them. I am so excited to work on all of this! If you decide to stick around, this site is just going to keep getting better and better! I can feel it!

I am signing off to go work on the aforementioned goals. I hope everyone has a lovely week, talk soon!




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Meagan Pederson

My name is Meagan Pederson and I am a writer, an editor, and now a blogger!

So, a little about myself and this blog

Besides the obvious love for writing, I enjoy: photography, crashing into things in fancy cars on Forza, binging Netflix/Hulu shows (couldn’t pick just one), and talking the ear off of anyone that will listen to me.

I want this blog to be a place not only where I can vent about harrowing situations, but also where I can talk about things that matter to me and to those who cannot speak up for themselves.