Meagan Pederson

My name is Meagan Pederson and I am a content writer, an editor, and now a blogger!

So, a little about myself and this blog

Besides the obvious love for writing, I enjoy: photography, Netflix, and talking the ear off of anyone that will listen to me.

I want this blog to be a place not only where I can talk about my life and things that I enjoy, but also where I can talk about subjects important to those who cannot speak up for themselves.


Once you pass a certain age, you become aware that there are not monsters under your bed. You realize that those sounds you heard were

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Reality of Trauma

To put it lightly- trauma fucks you up.  Trauma affects everyone differently, but it can change you to a point beyond recognition.  It will make

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Unrequited Love

The man I put my whole heart and soul into left me recently. Depressing, right? That’s the thing about unrequited love, it fucking sucks and

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The Truth About Prison

What defines a prisoner? The Oxford dictionary defines it as “A person legally held in prison as a punishment for crimes they have committed or

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